The service NICdirect is a supplemental service package for commercial customers (above all resellers) with a catalogue of several hundred Domains. The operator is Cronon AG.


Cronon AG was one of the first domain registries in Germany and is ranks among the top domain registries with over 700.000 domains currently registered.


Cronon AG operates two server centres and maintains 24/7 support.
There are currently several thousand partner providers and memberships (directly or via the parent company) in prominent organizations, such as:


DENIC, ICANN, VERISIGN, Trusted Network, Afilias, Neulevel, dotNAME, www.TV, Cable&Wireless, carrier24, R-KOM, RipeNCC.


(All brand names and registered trade marks are property of the rightful legal owners and are used for description purposes only.
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the Cronon group became an important base supplier of German and international domains and web space, as well as server housing, name service and RIPE services.

Domain administration is a matter of trust

The price alone should not be the deciding factor. A reputable German corporation is your secure contracting party and guarantor for a long-term business relation. In the past Provider insolvency often presented almost unsolvable problems to the customer, such as disconnection and damages. It is therefore important to base the business on a healthy foundation.

No end customer advertising

Cronon Regensburg works behind the scenes. The partner provider is always registered with all name servers, robot masks, etc and Cronon remains in the background. There is no danger of customer migration as Cronon Regensburg does not conduct end customer advertising.

Customer Protection

"Partner providers joined us and in doing were deprived of their carefully cultivated customers and resellers by their old providers." - We guarantee customer protection and own the domain (customer protection).

Technical Support

Experienced technical support is not only available via E-mail, but also via telephone. In practise special cases arise frequently that can only be clarified in personal conversation via telephone. As a contract holder you will have access to a 24hr hotline in case of an emergency.